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Pine pollen has many health benefits it nourishes our body with specific nutrients and rejuvenates it. It also used to increase libido, increase pleasure, and rejuvenate sexual health by supplying energy in the body naturally. Canadian pine pollen Co. makes Pine Pollen Tincture with 100% fresh raw pollen harvested in British Columbia.

Pine Pollen Tincture

The Raw Pine Pollen Powder:The pine pollen is exactly what it sounds like: it’s a powdery dust that produce by male spores on the pine tree in every spring season. There are 126 species of Pine Trees, but roughly 115 different species beneficial and commercially used for their medicinal and...
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CanadianpinePollen • Jan 03 2019

Why Pine pollen tincture and powder used as a natural steroid

Pine Pollen a Natural SteroidPine pollen is a natural steroid, and one of the best supplements contains numbers of essential Vitamins, mineral, amino acids etc. Pine pollen is a fantastic food widely used due to its powerful phyto-androgenic hormones and anti-ageing properties all around the world. Earlier it was used as...

CanadianpinePollen • Dec 21 2018

How pine pollen tablet gnc can Improve Our Overall Health?

Know How Pine Pollen can Improve Your Overall HealthPine pollen has many health benefits earlier it was used as Chinese medicine to improve overall health and boost stamina naturally. It is full of androgen, which helps to put on muscles and increase the strength naturally without any side effects. Until...

CanadianpinePollen • Dec 11 2018

Medicinal Properties of Wild Pine Pollen| Canadian Pine Pollen

Let's Talk About Medicinal Properties of Wild Pine PollenWhy would you need to consume Pine Pollen? Well, the answer is simple due to its magical properties. Earlier it was not very common, but it's now become trendy due to end number of health benefits, in other words, it is also...

CanadianpinePollen • Nov 29 2018


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