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Medicinal Properties of Wild Pine Pollen| Canadian Pine Pollen

Let's Talk About Medicinal Properties of Wild Pine Pollen

Why would you need to consume Pine Pollen? Well, the answer is simple due to its magical properties. Earlier it was not very common, but it's now become trendy due to end number of health benefits, in other words, it is also known as the powerhouse of energy. I am sure you are familiar with the yellow coloured conical object on the pine trees in the spring season that is pine Pollen.

It is scientifically proven that pine pollen has 250+ natural nutrients, vitamins and minerals and nutritional value that not only heals our body but also improves our hormonal level, strengthen our immune system, lower cholesterol, and reduce sensitivity to pain and many more. Pine pollens are now available in multiple forms to include pollen tincture, powder form etc.

Medicinal properties of Pine Pollen:

1.      Used to Strengthen Our Immune System:

Many doctors and nutritionist recommend pine Pollen due to the presence of Essential Minerals, Vitamins, Amino Acids, folic acids, Antioxidants & Enzymes, Hormones, which is essential for the optimal growth and wellness of the brain and body.

Pollen has some benefits which help to boost the immune system and increase the level of energy.

·        Essential Minerals- It include calcium, magnesium, Zinc, selenium, Iron, Copper, potassium, phosphorus, silica, etc.

·        Amino Acids- It contains all essential amino acids include arginine, cysteine, glutamine, alanine, leucine, tyrosine etc.  

·        Essential Vitamins- pine pollen contains Vitamin A, Vitamin B1, B2, B3, B5, B6, Vitamin D3, Vitamin C, Vitamin E, choline, Serine, Inositol etc.

·        Hormones- It contains DHEA, testosterone, epitestosterone, androstenedione, sterols (essentially plant hormones), androsterone and more.

2.      Reduces Inflammation:

Pine pollen is used by many pharmacists and physiotherapists to treat the patients suffering from joint pain and muscular pain due to its powerful inflammation and pain reducing effects. These are available in multiple dosages, or you can directly consume it as powdered form. The nutrients present the pollen absorbs into the blood vessels and give the fastest relief from extreme joint pain and inflammation.

3.      Rich in DHEA and Testosterone: Helps Increase Low Hormone Levels:

Pine pollen balances hormone level in both male and female by raising low testosterone. It increases male fertility by raising Sperm count and delayed the effect of Andropause. It enhances the sexual pleasure, energizes the body, reduces the size and regulates the prostate when it enlarges. Pine pollen also balances the estrogen-to-testosterone ratio in women and men.

4.      Rejuvenates the Skin and Hair:

Pine pollen is also used by dermatologists to treat skin problems and conditions all skin type. It can be made into the cream to apply directly to the skin creams, oils, baby care products etc. It benefits overall skin health and smoothness.

5.      Reduce Aging Properties:

Canadian pine pollen has rich anti-anti nutrients like DHEA, Resveratrol and fragments of DNA and RNA which stimulates the body's hormones and anti-aging enzymes. The nutrients present in the Pine pollen improves overall physical and mental wellness which has been directly linked to increase longevity and give you a chance to live your life fullest. 

CanadianpinePollen • 2018 Nov 29

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